Xylem knows commercial building services


Xylem is a global leader in water technology, with advanced research, innovative design and application expertise that helps our customers solve their most complex water-related challenges. With a broad portfolio including some of the world’s leading water, wastewater and HVAC brands, we can provide the most comprehensive offering of products and solutions to the commercial building services industry.

extensive information

Having recognised the demands of the commercial building services market, we are well placed to support specifiers with the selection and specification of equipment. Xylect is an industry leading tool offering up-to-date information and an overview of our extensive range of products. Information can be distributed to members of your project, helping to shorten your lead times. Extensive documentation, such as CAD files, specifications and tender texts required by specifiers, are also available.

exact configuration

Tailored specifically for consultants, sales engineers and specifiers, Loop4U is a selection software designed to identify and configure the ideal Xylem pumping equipment to meet your exact requirements. Loop4U matches the given data against a comprehensive database and presents the results in a list that can be arranged and fine-tuned to provide an exact configuration of the pump.

environmentally engineered

All Xylem products are developed with the environment in mind. We continually strive to produce equipment which boasts superior performance and efficiency characteristics, significantly lowering lifecycle costs and increasing energy savings.

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