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We are focused on producing highly efficient products and systems that use less energy and provide environmental benefits to users and the communities in which they operate. Come, join the conversation – Let’s Solve Water…

Tips For Boiler System Safety

Although building owners and facility managers generally know boiler systems require ongoing inspection, testing, and service, they unfortunately sometimes don’t follow local recommendations or ordinances regarding proper maintenance.


While the global water crisis affects cities, countries and regions around the world, it is often those in developing countries that feel the impact most.  These water challenges largely stem from inadequate or unusable water supply and are exacerbated by lack of sanitation, pollution controls, drought, floods and rapid population growth. The need to conserve,

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Egypt Tapped for Water

Egypt has two critical water issues: scarcity and quality. In terms of land mass, Egypt is about the size of Texas and New Mexico combined; However, it depends upon only one resource, the Nile River, for more than 90% of its freshwater. That’s one river supporting nearly all of the country’s requirements for arable land and quality water for crops, livestock, sewerage, cooking, cleaning, drinking, and industrial production.

Charting New Course at the Golf Industry Show

Innovative new products were the focus at the Golf Industry Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando and like many exhibitors such as Toro, BASF and Flowtronex the focus at their booths was also on new products and systems.

AHR Expo Week A Winner in Vegas

The ITT RCW team traveled to Las Vegas to exhibit at the 2011 AHR Expo and was dealt a winning hand as HVACR professionals from around the world filled the aisles and booths on during the first-ever Las Vegas Show.

Building Automation: Industry Finally On The Fast Track

Many HVAC industry veterans have remarked with mild frustration in recent years that things didn’t change very much from year to year in our industry. Conservatism and unwillingness to take risk on the part of design engineers was the conventional response to identify the cause. There was a lot of truth to that during the ‘60s and ‘70s as building design was focused primarily on aesthetics and the architect was king. Consulting engineers, hired by the architect, faced stiff competition and lower fees.

Do You Know Your Water Footprint?

As you know or are becoming fast aware of, water footprints measure the total amount of water it takes for a company to manufacture and transport a product, or for a city, country, or business to operate.  Calculating water footprints can help businesses and communities better understand and prepare for the impacts of global water

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The Benefits of Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is increasingly capturing the attention of organizations worldwide involved in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) as well as the owners and operators of buildings, contractors, and nearly any HVAC systems designer.

Trimming the Pump Impeller Provides Green Advantages

Trimming the impeller is one of best solutions in reducing operating costs and may solving other problems such as excessive flow velocity, erosion, and noise.

What Does The Magic 8-Ball Say?

We want to congratulate the industry on bouncing back in 2010 with an economic forecast for 2011 that shows continued improvement. So, what are the HVACR Trends and Prediction in 2011?