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Vertical Turbine Pump Systems. Vertical turbine pumps are available with standard cast iron/bronze-fitted construction and optional stainless steel construction, flanged columns, fabricated discharge heads, double-bolted bowls for higher pressures, standard packed stuffing box or optional mechanical seals. Turbine Pumps are designed for individual flows up to 20,000 GPM and 600 TDH. Alloy construction is available.
Vertical Turbine (SMVT & Canned) Pumps. Vertical configuration high pressure pumps for water booster applications. Cast-iron bronze fitted with options for all cast iron or all stainless steel construction with in-line suction and discharge connection. Flows to 700 GPM and 600 ft TDH.

Features and Benefits

  • Discharge Isolation Valves for Each Pump
  • Piping: Fusion Bonded Epoxy, Galvanized Steel, 304 SS, or 316 SS
  • Flanged Piping Connections
  • Skid: Painted or Galvanized Steel, Marine Grade Aluminum
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