With flow rates up to 150 gpm, and pressures up to 60 psi, the ResCom is designed for smaller landscape applications including schools and residential properties.

ResCom units are currently available in VFD and Relay Start.

Standardized components assure fast and efficient service. With parts stocked at the factory and local service facilities, maintenance is easy.

Run Testing:
Each ResCom is run tested under actual voltage, flow and pressure prior to shipping to ensure the pump system will meet performance requirements once on site.

Features and Benefits

  • High Efficiency Goulds Pump
  • NEMA standard open drip-proof motors
  • 316 Stainless steel platform
  • Standard 230 volt input power
  • VFD two button pressure adjustment, Nema 3R controller, Heat Sink and Fan cooling, Compact Bladder Tank


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