Indoor/Outdoor (without capacitors) Disconnect Panel: Simplex/Duplex Wastewater Disconnect Style Panels

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Indoor/Outdoor (without capacitors) Disconnect Panel

Features and Benefits

  • Oversize enclosure to accommodate all options.
  • One main disconnect through-the-door with door interlock, prevents the door from accidentally being opened when the disconnect is in the ON position. Pad-lockable in the OFF position only.
  • A manual lockable disconnect feature on the motor overload protector. Lock not provided.
  • Oversize magnetic contactor.
  • Overload. Ambient compensated bi-metallic (Class 10) motor overload circuit protector. Instantaneous magnetic trip for short circuit protection. Single-phase protection for three-phase motor. Field adjustable within the amp. range.
  • Control transformer with fused primary and fused secondary on all three-phase. Single- phase 115 volt has a fused control circuit.
  • Pump test switch. Three-position HOA (hand-off-automatic).
  • Green light indicates power to pump motor, mounted on the door
  • Control terminal board, numbered and wired.
  • Layout and schematic CAD diagrams can be provided upon request.
  • Optional alarm circuit may be field modified to use a 115 volt AC external power source.

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