Indoor/Outdoor with Capacitors : 1GD & 12GDS Grinder Panels

CentriPro : Panels & Alarms : Simplex


  • NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosure
  • Pump Circuit Breaker(s)
  • Control Circuit Breaker
  • Motor Contactor(s)
  • H-O-A Switch(es) (Hand-Off-Automatic switch)
  • Pump Run Light(s) through Door
  • External Motor Components
  • High Level Alarm Circuit with Dry Contacts
  • Flashing Red Alarm Light for High Level
  • Alarm Horn, 101 db @ 10 feet
  • Alternator selector switch allows a choice of automatic alternation
  • or operation of only pump 1 or pump 2 on duplex panels.
  • Typically used if one pump is down for maintenance.
  • All controls are UL and CUL Listed

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