TAABWUL (UL/CUl Listed Components)

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• The Tank Alert ABW UL features a battery operated
wireless transmitter that is placed in a tank up to
150′ from the receiver/alarm.
• Easy to install, wireless liquid level alarm system with
auto-reset, battery backup feature, add to existing
systems without digging up lawns and landscaping.
• TAABWUL version has a UL/CUL listed enclosure and
power supply
• NEMA 1 indoor rated alarm enclosure
• FCC approved wireless transmitter with up to 150′
range, includes mounting bracket
• Red “alarm” light and green “power on” light, alarm
“test” switch, and horn “silence” switch
• Includes 10′ Sensor Float® mechanical control
• Switching mechanism operates on low voltage
and is isolated from the power line to reduce the
possibility of shock.
• Alarm horn: 87 db @ 10′
• Battery backup power: 9 VDC (battery not included)
• Power cord: 6′ UL/CUL listed class 2 power cord
• Alarm Enclosure: 4.6″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″ NEMA 1 plastic
• Long life Lithium battery in transmitter (recommend
replacement every 2 years)
• Loss of signal alarm. After 3 hours and 15 min.
without a signal, an alarm sounds and the red light
• Agency Listings: FCC (FCC ID# SCP TAABW01)

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