Complete Rails 1 ¼” and 2″

CentriPro : Guide Rails :

MODELS A10-12 (1¼”), A10-2015 (1½”) AND A10-20 (2″)
Provide an easy means of removing pump from a wet-well
by utilizing a quick disconnect and guide rail system.
Connect directly to 1¼”, 1½” or 2″ vertical discharge Effluent,
Wastewater and Grinder pumps.
Adaptable to 1¼”, 1½” and 2″ threaded, horizontal discharge
pumps by using a street elbow.
Two piece 96″ long fabricated SS rail assembly (2 easily coupled
48″ long pieces for shipping convenience and ease of handling).
Corrosion resistant design
SS Guide rails, base, cross braces and pump brackets.
SS Lifting cable, 96″ long x
⁄16″ cable.
Brass quick disconnect with o-ring seal.
Schedule 40 galvanized discharge pipe.
Optional stainless steel pipe nipples are available (contact factory).
Cast iron check valve with BUNA ball.
SS Tee handle for shut-off valve is supplied
(it is for use with the optional discharge pipe assemblies).

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