MWP Series Package System with 23 x 30 basin

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Features and Benefits

  • Choice of Pumps: 2VW Vortex, 2WC Non-clog or 2WP Vortex
  • Ribbed 23×30 Polyethylene Basin
  • Fully assembled at the factory for simplified installation.
  • Swing type 2″ check valve: A9-2PH rubber sleeve type
  • Swing type 2″ check valve: A9-2P compression type
  • Schedule 40, 2″ PVC discharge pipe with 18″ bleed hole is factory installed.
  • Structural foam cover is strong and corrosion resistant.
  • Vent grommets for both 2″ and 3″ vent provided. Adds system flexibility and reduces inventory.
  • Torque stop insert to stabilize the pump.
  • Ribbed Basin Inlet Hub is a molded-in, slip-fit type for connection using flexible, slip-fit connectors and clamps (not included).

Installation/Operation Manuals

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