Smallest size constant speed booster package, simplex or duplex

What is it?
A constant speed pressure booster package with the smallest footprint.

Simplex utilizes stainless steel piping and Duplex uses copper piping. Series 3530 stainless steel horizontal mounted pumps are used. Simplex ranges from 20-110 GPM @ 20-55 PSIG boost. Duplex up to 220 GPM. Up to 5HP motors are used for 208-230-460-575/3/60 or 115-230/1/60 power supply.

How does it work?
The pump starts through a system pressure switch. Whenever, the city pressure falls below the system pressure switch setting, the pump will start. When the system pressure rises above the system pressure setting, the pump will stop. Duplex pumps can act as duty/ standby or for parallel operation.

Why use it?
Designed as a compact, easy to install and maintain package, for applications where sufficient main pressure is not available or elevation is a problem.

Typical application
Suitable for small apartment buildings, tenant or full penthouse floor, condominiums, lawn irrigation, rain water re-use, etc.

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  • ESP-TANKS for replacement parts selection
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