The Bell & Gossett Sediment Removal Separator (SRS) is a patented centrifugal style air and sediment separator for use in any HVAC system. Its 3-to-1 body diameter to nozzle diameter ratio slows the fluid velocity to allow entrained air and suspended sediment to come out of solution, while its tangential inlet and outlet nozzles induces centrifugal fluid flow. This centrifugal flow creates a low pressure vortex in the center of the tank where entrained air can come out of solution and float to the top of the tank and suspended sediment can sink to the bottom. In addition, the SRS features an extended collection cap at the bottom of the tank where sediment can collect without the risk of being pulled back into the system by the exiting fluid. These impurities can then be easily removed via an air vent or connection to an expansion tank and a blowdown valve.

Contaminants such as air and suspended sediment can lead to diminished heat transfer, higher energy costs, damage to your system components, and increased system noise. By removing them you can lower the cost to operate your system, extend the life of your components, and provide better comfort to your building occupants.

All SRS models are designed, constructed, inspected, and stamped per Section VIII, Division 1 of the ASME code for 125 psi (862 kPa) maximum working pressure and 350°F (177°C) maximum working temperature. Higher pressures and temperatures are available upon request. Models are available in sizes 3″ through 36″ and are available with NPT (3″ only), flange, or groove end connections.

Features and Benefits

Removes Entrained Air and Suspended Sediment

  • To protect the system against damage
  • To provide better heat transfer
  • To reduce energy costs
  • To eliminate system noise

Centrifugal Flow Pattern

  • Creates low pressure vortex in center of tank
  • Lowers pressure drop through the tank

Models from 3″ – 36″

    • Carbon steel body

-Other body materials available upon request for 3″ – 36″ models

  • NPT (3″ only), flange, or groove connections available
  • Includes extended collection cap on bottom of tank to prevent sediment from being pulled
    back into the system

Designed, constructed, inspected, and stamped per Section VIII, Division 1 of the ASME Code

  • Standard models rated for 125 psi (862 kPa) working pressure. Higher pressures available
    upon request

Models – Part Number (see Brochure A-514C for dimensions & weights)

3 or 3G – 5366-03C-12-001
4 or 4G – 5366-04F-12-001
5 or 5G – 5366-05F-12-001
6 or 6G – 5366-06F-12-001
8 or 8G – 5366-08F-12-001
10 or 10G – 5366-10F-12-001
12 or 12G – 5366-12F-12-001

3 or 3G – 5366-03G-12-001
4 or 4G – 5366-04G-12-001
5 or 5G – 5366-05G-12-001
6 or 6G – 5366-06G-12-001
8 or 8G – 5366-08G-12-001
10 or 10G – 5366-10G-12-001
12 or 12G – 5366-12G-12-001

General Selection Tools:

  • ESP-PLUS for B&G Centrifugal Pumps, Booster Pumps, Pump Accessories, and Air Separator
  • ESP-PARTS for replacement parts selection
  • ESP-TANKS for replacement parts selection
  • CAD Drawings for 2D and 3D dimensional drawings in many formats

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Steam + Water Pressure Reducing Values

Sizing Tools:

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