The Importance of Industry Certification

Recently, more than 150 university construction engineering and management students toured our facility as part of the MCAA (Midwest Mechanical Contractors of America Association) Student Chapter Summit being held in Chicago.  These students toured the factory, attended educational sessions and learned about innovative water management issues.

Observing the student’s energy in learning about the industry reminded us of the importance of learning new things and the value of the various industry certification and accreditation programs.  As you know, a vast array of certification programs are available from a variety of trade and professional associations and affiliated organizations.

Whether it is the certification of individuals, products or processes, certification confers an array of valuable benefits to the individual or company, the sanctioning professional group, and to the marketplace in general. Certification is a formal recognition by a sanctioning body, be it ASHRAE, HVAC Excellence, Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) or other groups, that an individual has demonstrated a professional level of knowledge and competence, or that a product meets the standards that it is supposed to meet.

So whether you require certification for your job, or whether you are responsible for a staff that can benefit from certification and/or specialized training, it is good to remind ourselves occasionally of the benefits of industry certification programs.

Being credentialed in your industry imparts credibility in the profession, provides consistent training practices to maintain level of expertise, can grow income potential and finally, it can instill a high-level of customer confidence in the work you perform.  And from a product standpoint, it shows the purchaser that the product has passed a rigorous testing process conducted by an independent authority.

Certification programs in our industry grow the knowledge and experience that are expected for superior building design and system operation in our industry.

Here are a few programs that may be of interest to you:

What certifications do you have?

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