Welcome to ITT H2O Pros!

We are a social media community dedicated to providing a focal point for ideas, problems, and solutions that involve the moving of water and other fluids in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential applications.

ITT H2O will engage anyone interested in innovative pumping systems in almost every area of water and fluids handling, control, treatment and distribution. If you’re a consulting/specifying engineer, engage! A contractor, engage! A plant manager, engage!

Although we are new to social media as ITT Residential Commercial Water (RCW), we have been working side-by-side with fluid-handling professionals for more than 80 years. From the Bell & Gossett Little Red School House to the ITT TechTalk newsletter, we have a long history of educating and training tens of thousands of engineers and contractors. And our broad and deep field experience gives us a wealth of knowledge to share about situations that arise on design, installation, and O&M projects.

ITT H2O will provide continuing education, training, and mentoring in fluid-handling systems and applications, and we will facilitate constructive discussions on saving energy, conserving water, decreasing life-cycle costs, and improving overall building energy, economic, and environmental performance.

Likewise, ITT H2O pros hopes to learn some new things from you that will help us perform our jobs more effectively.

You can join us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We look forward to sharing ideas.

Question of the week? How is social media changing how you communicate in business?

2 Responses to Welcome to ITT H2O Pros!

  1. Excel Mech says:

    Glad to see a SM site that supports H20 Pros! Looking forward to your posts!

  2. M says:

    this is cool. i hope this community will grow over time. you 14 people… please pass this link along.

    How is social media changing how we communicate in business? i guess i’d say “not fast enough.” but part of the problem is that we keep hearing people in the water business aren’t online, don’t tweet, don’t face, don’t link. we don’t think that’s true, but still it’s been hard to convince our business to spend more time/money on this stuff.

    hey, you water people! if you’re reading this, you’re making my point (and i love when that happens). please join the conversation.